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Performance compensation type homepage Multilingualization system "Polylingar"
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Service site is here Multilingual site can be made free (result reward) It costs a fixed monthly fixed expenses which we have to ask a professional of conventional troublesome production It does not appear in search result in the native language of the searched person (= not indexed) In response to inquiries in foreign languages ​​& hellip; read more

Proposal for medical PPC (listing advertisement), virtual site creation "Medical Virtual WEB"
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Have you been struggling with medical PPC (Listing Ads)? Significant change in medical advertisement guidelines of PPC advertising companies From the beginning of the year, PPC advertising companies make major changes in medical advertisement guidelines, and review the contents to the contents in the homepage & hellip; read more

Easy generation page for effect measurement!
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What is "Virtual WEB"? What? It is possible to duplicate large volumes easily with your already existing WEB site. By changing the page to be posted for each medium, where are the users flowing in? What? To grasp all by isolating & hellip; read more